Tips to Recession Proof Your Current Job

Posted by Paladin on December 17, 2008

Our economy has created a stir of anxiety and fear lately.We are asking ourselves questions:Is my company going to have major layoffs?  Why are there so many closed door meetings lately?  What am I going to do if I lose my job?

Even top performers and producers are worried and anxious about their job security.

What can you do to stay calm and enhance your chances of staying employed until things shift their way around?Here are a few tips and food for thought:

Go beyond the call of duty: Exceed expectations and volunteer to complete extra projects outside of your day to day responsibilities.

Make yourself visible: If you’ve been hiding behind your cubicle the last 6 months, chances are, you haven’t been noticed.Make the effort to say hello to people every day. Have a positive, upbeat attitude that will make the executives remember you.

Be punctual: Always arrive to work early or on time.If you have been strolling in 10-15 minutes late each day. Stop. Co-workers, including your boss, notice and so should you.

Don’t gossip and remain positive: Maintaining an upbeat attitude at work is essential during times like these.Office gossip tends to explode during an economic downturn. Always be professional and find helpful and creative ways to be the example.

Be prepared: There are some things you have no control over, no matter how proactive and professional you are. Update your resume and professional references, beef up your skills.Sign yourself up to social networking sites.

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