The Pressure is on for Internal Communicators

Posted by Paladin on February 16, 2018

I wrote this because I am starting to hear a big trend from my communications clients, and there seems to be a bit of a lag or disconnect in the candidate marketplace.

Measuring Everything

The big trend I am hearing from my clients: measurement and the continued evolution of communications towards more quantifiable results. This will give you a snapshot into what hiring managers expect their new team members to do.

Staying Close to the Business

There was a time when communicators were praised for the amount of awareness that programs generated. We could say something like, “We had X many placements, X percent were in top tier media, X percent featured 1 or 2 key messages, etc.” Now hiring managers are looking for something more quantifiable. I recently interviewed a CMO of an international company, and she said the big thing she looks for on a resume is “how close you were to the business.” In other words, what did you do in direct service of business objectives. For example: Did your programs generate leads or traffic to the website or a particular microsite?

Internal Communications

Might as well consider yourself external communicators at this point. Hiring managers continue to raise the stakes on what it means to do internal communications. More and more are asking for measurements similar to those found in external comms/marketing programs. I am talking to hiring managers who want to know the open rates of emails, click thrus to the intranet, time employees are spending on the site and more. Surveys are still great, but now managers want to know more. Oh, and also make sure you are taking advantage of social media AND that you’re measuring what you’re doing there, too.

Writers Aren’t Just Writers

There was a time when all we had to do was write the content and turn it in. Clients are now looking for great writers, but they also want you to know how to write for SEO. And prove your results. They want you familiarized with several content management systems since the majority of writing is written for websites. You also need to be able to write newsletters in MailChimp and Constant Contact AND know how to measure the effectiveness of the newsletter.

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