Make Your Social Media Work for You with Automation

Posted by Paladin on September 26, 2019

Managing all of your organization’s social media accounts can be daunting. Each platform requires a unique approach, and for most marketing professionals, managing social media is one of many responsibilities. Rather than working harder, work smarter by automating your social media. Social media automation can be executed poorly, but it can be utilized smartly. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you manage your social media more efficiently.

Know When People Are Likely to See Your Posts

Before scheduling tweets or blog posts to hit your networks, it pays well to know when they are more likely to see them. Nothing is worse than scheduling something that goes live at 3:00 am when your target market is likely to see the post at 3:00 pm. If you choose to use social media automation to schedule posts throughout your day, make sure you don’t confuse your times with who you are targeting. Research the ideal times to schedule posts. These vary across social media platforms.

Consolidate with One Tool

Rather than scheduling a post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, use one tool that will hit all of your networks at one time. Hootsuite is a popular choice to make sure everyone sees your post on whatever platform they are on. You can also add managers so that others can access and schedule posts when you are on vacation or if you are sharing the workload. Another service option is Sprout Social.

You Still Need to Check In

It is still required that you check in on your platforms because you need that personal interactive touch to really connect with your market. Set aside a bit of time out of your day to check and see what people are saying or asking. Respond to all of them or as many as you can ideally within a business day. Most people report that, when they go to automation, they can spend as little as 20 minutes a day checking in and responding. The more traffic your posts gain, the more time you may have to spend. Tools like HubSpot are recommended because you can see all the platforms at once and you can see analytics to tell you how well your posts are doing, and which posts and channels are driving your sales.

Mix It Up a Bit

Your automated posts don’t have to always be the same thing. Mixing it up a bit keeps it from feeling automated and keeps your posts interesting. If This Then That (IFTTT) is a tool that can help you mix it up and post automatically. It essentially works by responding to a trigger. You create a video (the trigger) and it automatically posts it at a scheduled time (the response). It’s a very fast way to automate your content. Bouncing around from videos, infographics, blog posts and information will keep your target market interested and clicking on your posts. If it’s always the same thing, people will start to gloss right over it.

Mix It Up a Bit

The purpose of your social media is to attract your target audience, so you want your content to be easily accessible. You only have a few seconds to capture and retain their attention. You don’t want to lose people because you are inundated with work.

Use our tips above to help you manage effectively and create fantastic engagements efficiently. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner!

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