Sharing the Love (and Other People’s Content)

Posted by Paladin on June 07, 2017

Social media is a harsh mistress. The need for fresh content is never satisfied, but depending on how large a social media team is, fresh ideas aren’t always easy to come by. Thankfully, social media content doesn’t have to be created solely by PR and social professionals who work for the brand. Your brand’s customers and advocates may be creating content about your brand that you can share through your channels. Of course, there are rules to sharing content created by others.

Use the share buttons.

This is called native sharing. Most social platforms make it fairly easy to share content on at least their own platform as well. See a great video on YouTube that features your client’s brand? Share it! YouTube makes it easy to share videos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and even other less frequently used social platforms.

Ask permission for all other methods of sharing.

If someone posts a great picture that features your brand on Instagram, you have to ask the owner for their express permission before posting it in any of your own social channels. “Forgiveness is easier to obtain than permission” is not an acceptable philosophy. Content theft can result in an expensive lawsuit. Keep records to document permissions you have obtained to avoid future legal trouble. You don’t want to cost your brand more than your department’s annual budget just by uploading someone else’s Instagram photo to the brand’s corporate Facebook page.

Give credit where credit is due.

Always give credit the owners of the content you share. However, you must remember that credit does not equal permission. See previous section regarding permission. Tag content along with the creator, whenever possible, especially when sharing content on the same platform. Content creators will often boost the signal when a brand shares their content because it serves as acknowledgement and appreciation of their work.

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