The Rise of Public Relations

Posted by Paladin on January 05, 2018

The public relations sector has been steadily rising for the last five years, if not longer. As long as how we digest media changes, people in those fields will be needed. How does this effect those who are trying to get into the field? What does it mean for those already in the field?

Expected Growth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the growth of the job demand will grow about 9% annually until 2026. That is not particularly high, rather it is considered to be an average growth rate for any field. It can vary based on where you live, where you want to work, where you already work, who you want to work with, and who you already work with. Considering that the growth is average, that is at least a good thing and does indicate you will be able to work in the field or stay in the field.

Where Is the Growth?

There are several key states that is seeing significant growth in PR specialists; North Carolina, California, Washington DC, Texas, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and Massachusetts. If they will see continued growth has not been typically decided. Other states may see more growth since they don’t employ nearly the same number of PR specialists, but they do see the success rates and they have more rom to grow. On the flip side, the states that employ more in public relations also have higher incomes and competition for work is higher.

How It Affects the Newcomers

With a projected average growth rate annually, there will still be touch competition for existing positions and for those coming open. All newcomers will need to make themselves stand out from the others in order to obtain the position they desire. This isn’t anything new but certainly something to be aware of. Use the skills you learned and put together a presentation that shows what you have to offer; fresh ideas, connections, skills using modern technology, and the right attitude for the position.

The Established Folks Need to Stay on Their Game

Although the growth rate won’t necessarily affect your position, it is still wise to make note of how the field is changing and welcoming in the fresh faces. If your organization is bringing on more specialists in your department, be open to hearing out their pitches and ideas. They don’t have the experience you do but they have fresh ideas that can be of a benefit. Staying on top of new trends and methods will help integrate those new people. It will also add some job security to your position.

Be Flexible

It doesn’t matter if you are starting out or well-established, it is always important to be flexible with the job. The beginners can learn a lot from everyone they work with and the established can learn about new techniques and trends. Remember that what is important is executing successful a favorable public image. The job market is growing for a reason, more organizations see the value of a positive image for what they are doing. Don’t fear the growth, embrace it as much as you can.

As we see the change of how information is presented and received, we expect to continue seeing changes in the job market.

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