LinkedIn Connections: To Share or Not To Share?

Posted by Jadey Ryndak on November 17, 2008

Okay – I am one of “those” LinkedIn users.  I admit it.  I keep my connections private.  And this really irks some people.  I mean REALLY irks some people. I have had fingers (literally and figuratively) wagged at me.  Apparently there are people that believe hiding your contacts is breaking a sacred bond between with the LinkedIn brethren.

I was an early adopter of LinkedIn. When I started using it in 2004 I decided to keep my contacts private for several reasons:

  1. LinkedIn was a new concept to me and I didn’t know what to expect. So I thought I would stick to the doctrine of “first do no harm”.
  2. My industry – a recruitment firm’s stock and trade is confidentiality.  Candidates or clients conducting private searches do not want to show up on a recruiters contact list.
  3. Relationships and contacts are the life blood of our business. Therefore, giving away contacts for a recruiter is similar to posting the formula for Coke within the beverage business.

Now, as LinkedIn has matured, I still hold to this logic.  There are many recruiters that don’t agree. But I am sticking to my guns for the moment even if it may mean that some of my link requests are denied.

FYI – I just set my husband up on LinkedIn last night (he’s a musician).  And his contact list will be public.  So let the record show that I am not a complete LinkedIn heretic.

And on another LinkedIn front. . . LinkedIn has been a hot topic in the B2B marketing arenas for some time.  This month it reached new levels of buzz as they launched new applications for users.  Additionally, the Chicago Business Marketing Association had a large LinkedIn- fest which included Patrick Crane, Chief Marketing Officer of LinkedIn as the Luncheon speaker. They also offered one-on-one profile makeovers and a session to learn how to best utilize LinkedIn for B2B marketing.  The event drew over 400 B2B marketers. Paladin was a sponsor of the luncheon and helped with the one-on-one sessions.

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