Going with The Flow as A Public Relations Professional

Posted by Paladin on January 24, 2018

Due to the inundation of tech into our everyday lives, we see change happening on an almost daily occurrence. How we receive information and how we share information is quicker, more efficient, and sometimes the most unfriendly method. Public Relations professionals are in a unique position to work in such ways that they can improve their skills, make incredible connections, and also lose clientele quickly. What used to work doesn’t always work today. What works today won’t always work tomorrow. PR specialists have to stay on top of the ever-changing world and still be successful with their work.

What Exactly Has Changed?

The role of journalist and public relations specialist are almost intertwined but with one caveat. Journalists are thinking about how to reach their readers. A public relations professional is thinking about how to reach the commercialized world. Those two things don’t always line up, but when they do there can be incredible resolutions to spreading information. With the change of how information is shared through the Internet, journalism is slowly fading away while the public relations specialist is growing faster and faster. There isn’t always a need to reach a journalist with no options to share information. This is great news for those seeking to enter the PR world, but the techniques need to be as concrete and fluid as possible.

What Used to Work?

Prior to the internet, almost everything was announced through personal mail and through news media outlets. PR folks would either send notices or call newsrooms in order to get their information shared. It was a slower process and everyone had to be mindful of deadlines for print, radio, and television media. This meant keeping track of each outlet that you had a connection with since they all have different deadlines. Things have improved drastically. Yes, there is still deadlines for print media but all others have improved their systems to be faster and more efficient. A quick email was often all you needed to send.

What Is Not Working Now?

While people will argue that emails and email pitches still work, they only work with people you have an established relationship with. When working in the information age, we need to always freshen up our approach. Form letters may be efficient, but if you are not diligent with editing to fit your reader, they will sense it a mile away. Form letters, pitches, and emails have all gotten so impersonal as we strive to get more done in a smaller amount of time. It’s a relationship; we need to nurture it.

How Do I Fix It?

Most importantly, remember you are emailing a person. It’s easy to forget that part no matter how much we don’t want to. If you want to freshen up your pitches and emails, try including a video. Video can be a lot easier at times and you can show your friendly smile and bubbly attitude to draw them in. You can send a form letter, but add an additional P.S. at the bottom thanking them for something they did that you were impressed by. They will notice it and notice that you are not just mass mailing people but that you sought them out specifically.

As with all tech, we have to flow just as easily as it does. Rather than fight the changes, take them and make them work for us. If something stops working, change it up. Fresh and exciting emails and pitches are more noticeable!

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