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Posted by Paladin on December 14, 2017

If your company has expanded into the global market, it’s time to take your marketing strategy up a level and engage with your broadened target market. The global market is full of subtle rules and nuances, both legal and cultural, which can make navigation a little overwhelming even for seasoned marketers. Add in the new dimension of global social media marketing, and the potential permutations multiple further. With the following tips, create a social media marketing strategy that will be nearly seamless and relatively easy to implement.

Have A Game Plan

To make the most of your social media marketing in a new sector, have a game plan ready to at the outset. Do your homework on the history of the market as well as it’s current state and long term potential. This is a typical step in any marketing strategy. However, widened collaborations with new groups of people require greater strategic coordination. With an appropriate plan in place you can reduce your costs by starting with a localized target. Share with your collaborators and decision makers how well your domestic strategies have worked. Lastly, show off how your competitors are doing in your expanded market and how you can learn from them in order to level the playing field.

Be Smart About Your Selection

When your company has gone global, it can be too much to expect instantaneous success in every market. Carefully choose your area to ensure the best success possible before expanding further. Dip your toe in the proverbial waters with a modest investment before committing extensive resources. Build until small successes. Starting small can allow you to gain momentum and catapult into other markets at a later time. Treat failures as learning opportunities and sunk costs. Treat successes as beachheads and firm footholds upon which to extend your impact. Starting small can also grant you the chance to engage on a meaningful level without getting overwhelmed or overextended. There are a lot of logistics to handle! This includes everything from translating websites, engaging appropriately for that market and managing PPC campaigns.

Assemble A Good Global Team

Having the right team is always important for any type of marketing strategy. It becomes even more important when you go global and must navigate other social mores, cultural contexts and markets where other languages are spoken. Hiring native speakers should be top on your list since they know what is socially and business appropriate for their country. It also allows them to handle engagement and translations so that nothing gets lost in translation or misunderstood.

Google Translate is a nice novelty for translating an occasional word for a personal Facebook post or tweet. However, all languages have idioms, figures of speech and turns of phrase which if translated literally by a free software app, would read to a native speaker clumsily and come across as disingenuous or patronizing.

There is always a learning curve when navigating a new market with a different language and attitude towards traditional marketing. The same learning curve applies to social media marketing as well. Be patient and keep your communications open to encourage the success you all desire.

Listen to Your Audience

Before you implement your plan, listen to what your current audience is saying and what your new audience desires. When we open up and listen, we can save ourselves a lot of headache and frustration later on. It’s the one thing all marketing strategists should be doing no matter the market, but it is also the one thing that is easy to overlook. If you aren’t listening, you could be shouting about your business but such shouts will fall on deaf ears. Pay careful attention to what platforms your audience is using. While you may have huge success with Twitter and Snapchat in the US, other countries may have different platforms that they use more often. China’s go-to social media app is QChat, since the Chinese Communist authorities still block apps like Facebook and Twitter in certain areas. You don’t want to lose out on your market by engaging on a platform that is not nearly as popular. Your overseas contacts should be able to alert you of the most popular networks for your target market.

You have a well-researched game plan and reasonable performance indicators. You have assembled an experienced team, and your ear is well attuned to your end user’s demands. Your social media marketing endeavors should be a success. Let Paladin assist you in putting together a talented team with our marketing and communications candidates.

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