Facebook: A Worldwide Phenomenon

Posted by Paladin on February 02, 2009

Have you ever heard the phrase that math is the universal language?  How about music?

Historians and sociologists would agree that it is our desire to be social that truly brings us together.  Could Facebook be our universal social network?

140 million users can’t be wrong.  That is the most recent statistic provided by “Inside Facebook” – an organization that tracks and watches the trends of the social networking monster.  Facebook is certainly not a US-bound tool, but rather an international language of status updates, photos, and shared interest groups.  95 million users are based outside of the US, which accounts for nearly 70% of the Facebook audience.  The tool is translated in over 100 different languages.

So are you on Facebook?  Or MySpace?  Well, it appears as though Facebook is now twice the size of MySpace, so it may be time to move your profile over.

Why should you care?

It’s who you know of course!  Have you ever asked a friend to pass a resume on to their boss before?  Ever thought that knowing someone at a company would give you an edge during the interview process.  Facebook makes that idea an explosive reality.

It is so easy to connect to folks through a social networking site such as Facebook, that it takes all the pressure off networking.  Those that disregard or do not take advantage of the opportunities provided by online social networking are just missing out in the long run.

Plenty of people believe that it “never hurts to ask”.  That could not be more true given the spider web of online connections made available to you through a site such as Facebook.  Being a part of the phenomenon gives you the chance to find work, find employees, and stay connected to top members of your industry.

Even more important – the global economy.  One would be remiss to consider the US the only shopping ground for new employees or new positions.  Expand your horizons!  How about finding a job with BMW in Germany or Giorgio Armani in Italy.  Perhaps Asia is more your style, what about Nintendo in Japan?  It is possible!  Reaching out to friends, colleagues, and acquaintances could get you a connection you never imagined.

What have your experiences been with making connections online?  Has Facebook made a difference to your career or networking abilities?  It’s a tricky new environment, so please share your successes and well as your failures – so that all of us can better navigate the online networking environment.

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