Building Engagement via Twitter

Posted by Cindy-Lee Pijoos on February 20, 2015

Are you using Twitter, and to its full potential?

In an age where there is an abundance of information constantly being shared, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Some users check Twitter for news, while others want to see what influencers or friends are up to. Defining your objective will help you decide who to follow and what kind of information to share.

Focusing on your passions will help define your strategy. Tweets regarding your interests will be stronger, more intriguing, and will attract users who have similar interests. If you plan to use your Twitter account as both personal and work related – focus on a combination of personal interests and professional topics to attract users. Establish a personal connection with your followers. If you want your followers to be engaged, then it is necessary for you to be engaged as well. Listen to your followers, read stories that they share, and learn to understand the manner in which they think.

Keep in mind that by increasing engagement, you will also be increasing your reach and following. There are many opportunities to start conversations and create excellent word of mouth. Here are some points to get you started:

Share useful content

Wondering what type of content to share? Feedly is a great tool to share content from your favorite sites. Use it to find and organize the best content from the web. Sharing useful content will increase your credibility in your industry.

Favorite or ReTweet interesting content

Retweeting a user’s tweets is a simple form of acknowledgment. Try adding a comment at the same time and engage in the conversation. Follow up with a reply by thanking a user for their initial tweet.

Be helpful

Many users are looking to engage in conversations. Promptly answer any questions by pointing users in the right direction. Share your questions and thank users who respond with advice.

Respond to followers

Monitor your tweets to see engagement levels. Use the @replies feature and check your “interactions” and “mentions” and be sure to respond to users promptly.

Create Twitter lists

Creating lists is a great way to keep your connections organized. As you add users to your list, acknowledge them and let them know. Similarly, reach out and thank users who add you to their list. It’s a great way to start a conversation.

Engage in Twitter chats

Chats are a great way to learn from users and share your knowledge about particular topics. All chats use a “hashtag” – the ‘#’ symbol is used in front of a keyword. Be sure to include the respective hashtag in your tweets so users can follow your messages in the conversation. Follow up after the chat by reaching out to users who retweeted your tweets or answered your questions. Introduce yourself and follow those users. Chats are also a good way to gain new followers.

Put your social skills to use and explore new opportunities.

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