Success stories

D. P. | Los Angeles Paladin Client

Marketing Manager for an Established 401K Provider

The need

A critical staffing need occurred when two members of the marketing staff were going on extended medical leave at approximately the same time.

Paladin provided

Paladin provided a seasoned marketing professional to step into the process and pick up strategic marketing programs in mid-stream.

Over the course of time

When another position became available in the marketing organization, I was immediately available to hire him. He already knew the processes, personnel and systems, and was able to step up and into the job with no additional training or the traditionally long ramp up period.

My account manager was a "god send." She found me when I needed her most. She truly cares about her clients and temp staffing personnel, following up frequently to make sure there's a good fit. She has an amazing eye for talent and seems to have a "sixth sense" about making the perfect match.