Success stories

Darren S. | Chicago Paladin Client

VP of Marketing and Communications, Trade Association

The need

Staffing a marketing communications department that includes freelance market research and full-time publishing manager and marketing communications manager. Department was staffed from scratch during a turnaround management situation where we needed to find qualified and skilled professionals in a short amount of time.

Paladin provided

Candidates in the areas of: freelance market research, full-time publishing manager, and full-time marketing communications manager.

Over the course of time

We had a department with qualified people and processes up and running quickly. Paladin works well for us because they are a good resource of qualified candidates. We use the temp-to-perm model as it allows us to see how the person works before we hire them full time - a "try before you buy" concept. Because the candidates are freelancers and are used to working on their own, they know how to complete a project from concept to final product.