Managing Age Diversity in the Creative & Marketing Workplace

Successful strategies to recruit, retain and inspire every generation of your workforce

A look inside our Multi-generation white paper

Download our white paper – "Managing Age Diversity in the Creative & Marketing Workplace"

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Marketing Topics the White Paper Covers:

  • Diverse Generations

    What defines each generation? When and under what conditions did they enter the workforce?

  • Unique Traits

    What is the ethos of each generation? What are their respective strengths? What makes them “tick”?

  • United Team

    How do you effectively manage a team with a high level of age diversity and stark generational differences?

How will you benefit from the white paper?

Marketing, creative, digital and communication professionals and organizations will be provided actionable insights on:

  • Which generation you should hire for certain skill sets.

  • The diverse generational views on education and experience.

  • What to do to best reward members from each cohort.

  • How to meet and surpass organizational goals with a team high in age diversity.